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UK Club Golfer, the No. 1 newspaper in the UK for club golfers, has taken a closer look of Vice Golf’s way up from being a small German start-up to a grown company that is revolutionizing the entire golf industry. They also gave insight into how Vice Golf was born and you can get to know the two co-founders Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl and their initial motivation to make their dream come true.

Read the article to find out why it has become so important that people can identify themselves with “the values and attitudes of companies”.

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Breakaway Success

In their February edition, the Golf Magazine perfectly summed up, how important the credo of delivering “top performance at half the price” is for Vice Golf. While the extremely competitive prices are explained by their direct-to-consumer sales model, the quality is due to “Vice Balls [being] consistently tested by Golf Laboratories in San Diego, Calif.”.

Read the full article here and make sure to use our ball recommender tool “VICE BALL DNA” to make sure, you get the ball you need


The story behind vice golf’s low-cost golf balls and unique business model

Vice Golf was recently featured on the renowned GOLF.COM when it interviewed co-founder Ingo Duellmann about the origins of Vice Golf. Read the full interview to find out more about how the company and its brand have grown over the years to become a respectable provider of premium golf balls at half the price. There is also a lot to find out, about the direct-to-consumer business model, which made Vice Golf so successful over the years, as well as some outlook on the future of the company and the industry itself.

Read the full interview here to find out more.


REVIEW - Do Vice balls REALLY offer tour-level performance?

The Bunkered Magazine featured a review of both the Vice PRO and the Vice PRO PLUS, asking the question if they are just very inexpensive or if they actually meet and exceed the requirements of a premium golf ball.

The magazine found that both models fared quite well and easily fitted into the premium category with every aspect of their usage, be it “low spin off the tee, powerful trajectory with plenty of distance and great control”.

Make sure to read the full review here.

Did you know that you can get both models, PRO and PRO PLUS, in two additional colors as well?



In this UK Club Golfer founder’s story, co-founder Ingo Duellmann tells us about his intrinsic motivation to change something within the golf industry and the success story of his company Vice Golf. He also gives us a glimpse into the future, so make sure to read the full article here.



The UK’s „Today’s Golfer“ magazine has put the Titleist PRO V1 and PRO V1x to the test against some direct-to-consumer golf ball brands, one of them being Vice Golf with our PRO and PRO PLUS. The performance comparison yielded some very interesting results.

Be sure to read the full article here.



The UK-based Golf Magic interviews Vice Golf’s Co-Founder Ingo Duellmann about the unique approach of his company, the way the brand is perceived by its customers and how it does things differently.
The online magazine additionally asks about potential sponsoring offers for Tour Pros, where some of the biggest brands are spending their moneys and discusses the company’s first collaboration with the NBA.

You can read the full article here.



Once again, the most current models of each brand, Titleist and Vice Golf are put to the test to get an answer to the question: Are Vice Golf balls able to compete against the most established golf brand?

All Vice Golf models were tested, using a launch monitor, against the Titleist Pro V1 and the result may surprise some of you.

Read the full review here. If you want to start your own test, you can find all Vice Golf ball models here.



“A properly fitting golf glove (for those that wear them) is nearly as important as properly fitted clubs. Our hands are different. Some of us have wider palms or shorter fingers. Those details matter when choosing not only the right glove, but a properly sized glove as well.”

MYGOLFSPY wants to make the decision-making process when buying a premium golf glove very easy. That’s why each year they put the best brands to the test to see, which one of them deserves a medal. Last year our Vice PURE was awarded with the Editor’s Choice Award, however this year we ranked up to receive a medal for the third place.

Thank you MYGOLFSPY for the brilliant test results, which aligns with our belief in our products.

To read the full test with much more details, click here.



It’s that time of the year, when we are absolutely thrilled and excited to see how our golf balls would rate in the annual Golf Digest Hot List, being compared to all the big names in the market. This year, we are extremely proud to call it a company record: Vice Golf received the gold medal for four of its five products.

The Vice PRO, PRO SOFT and the PRO PLUS have received full points in “Performance” and “Innovation” and the Vice TOUR is not far behind, while also receiving a gold medal in its own price category.

We couldn’t be happier right now, to receive this kind of confirmation for the highest quality of our products.

FYI: You can use our Golf Ball Recommender tool if you are unsure, which ball is the best for your play here.


Tested: The best golf balls under £30

“What a revelation! We had no idea it was possible to create a ball for £29.98 a dozen that for many golfers would be indistinguishable from a leading tour ball.”

What a fantastic conclusion! The UK-based magazine “Today’s Golfer” rated our Vice PRO and Vice PRO PLUS among the best golf balls for under £30. Both ball models are absolutely comparable to any other tour-grade golf ball but come with a much smaller price tag.

Did you know you can get both the PRO and the PRO PLUS in 2 more colors, NEON LIME and NEON RED? To read the full article click here.



Wowza and Happy New Year! Could the Golf Monthly’s top their “best of” article from last month? You’re damn right they can. Best Golf Balls 2018 and Vice Golf is part of it. This time our 4-piece cast urethane Vice PRO PLUS.

“The Vice Golf Pro is designed for golfers with moderate-to-high clubhead speeds and features a cast urethane cover and the manufacturer’s ‘Stick To The Green’ (S2TG) technology that assists greenside spin. The PRO PLUS then offers lower spin and launch for faster swinging players.” What more can you want as a golfer? Right, an extremely competitive price!

Did you know that you get the most saving potential when you order 5 dozen or more of one ball model? Try out now with the Vice PRO PLUS or our other award-winning models.



Merry Christmas! Our Vice PRO SOFT is ranked by the UK-based Golf Monthly among the best mid-price golf balls in 2018. Not only does it offer premium quality without a premium price, it is also matte! “This three piece ball has a low compression for a soft feel and explosive distance while also offering greenside spin” writes the Golf Monthly.

Did you know that you can have the Vice PRO SOFT in 2 extra colors, Vice PRO SOFT LIME and Vice PRO SOFT RED? Our customers love these colors so make sure to sign up for notification in case the balls are out of stock.

Click here for the Golf Monthly.



The people over at MYGOLFSPY must be working day and night on their mission to test every single piece of golf equipment and it is working. Their latest investigation was to determine the best golf umbrellas of 2017 and our Vice GUARD was among them. 12 hours and 23 products were invested in this examination; 23 of which only 14 umbrellas went into the final test phase.

MYGOLFSPY put special attention to factors like wind resistance, coverage, opening speed, handle and durability to determine which golf umbrella is the best.

After seeing the results we are happy to see that even though this is our debut in making umbrellas, we are among the most renowned brands and can definitely compete with them. If style would have taken into account, we sure would have scored even better.

Speaking of style: Did you know that you can have the Vice GUARD not only in BLACK but also in NEON LIME?

Read the full test here



Gold for Team Vice Golf

Do you remember what we said after last year’s Golf Digest Hot List? We have a mission for our golf balls and this mission is golden.

Now, all the sweat and hard work finally gets the full recognition. We’re very excited to announce that we are on the golden road with our Vice PRO SOFT. The Golf Digest’s annual Hot List is the Roman arena of golf ball testing and this year we were victorious. Booya!

It actually feels pretty good to get this kind of feedback from our friends at Golf Digest. For the third year in succession we were awarded with medals, two of which were gold medals.

So what remains is my appeal to you to go out, play golf and have fun! What a great chance to try out our Vice PRO SOFT.



This insightful article from UK-based Today’s Golfer takes you behind the curtains of Vice Golf with the two founders Ingo Duellmann and Rainer Stoeckl. Here you can read everything about how it all started, how Vice Golf wants to differentiate in the tough golf market and you can see a video of how an actual Vice Golf ball is produced.

Big shout-out goes out to our friends from Today’s Golfer for having us that day. Make sure to read the full interview and watch the video here.



It’s David vs. Goliath time: MYGOLFSPY wanted an answer to this big question. Can the Vice PRO PLUS compete against the Titleist PRO V1x on one level? As we know from their previous tests and reviews, MYGOLFSPY always puts a lot of effort into research. This time, they were investing 10 hours of research and hitting 400 shots, you could say that MYGOLFSPY did their homework.

The test events included playing the driver, a 6-iron, a sand wedge and the factors included measurements of distance, accuracy, spin, launch angle and the ball speed.

We are very proud to get the confirmation of our hard work: The Vice PRO PLUS plays on the same league as its competitor. In most disciplines, our 4-piece cast urethane ball either has marginally small better or worse values than the PRO V1x, but you guessed it: the Vice PRO PLUS is not playing on the same league when it comes to the price. Even at our smallest discount level (when buying only 1 dozen) the Vice PRO PLUS is still significantly cheaper than the Titleist.

Did you know that you get the biggest savings when buying 5 dozen or more? Yes. You. Can.

Read the full test here.


Golf Shake

The British demonstrated that for every playing style and strength, Vice Golf has the right ball. Here the review takes into account several players of different handicap levels and highlights their thoughts about feeling, performance and precision. The tested balls were the Vice DRIVE, Vice TOUR, Vice PRO and Vice PRO PLUS.The players played a full round in a highly-specialized testing environment (yes, it’s a golf course) and gave their thoughts about how well the individual balls performed for them in terms of playability, feel, performance and precision. Without doubt, most players can relate to the players in the article, which makes this read invaluable to many still undetermined players.
You can read the full review here.

Do you want to know another way to find out, which ball is the right one for you? Try out our Golf Ball Recommender. - Vice Golf Ball Review



When someone writes about you who is per se not golf-related, you know that you did something right.

In this case, we were especially excited to find our Vice DRIVE in this article, that as the headline says is about being most stylish on the golf course. Without doubt, Vice Golf must not be missed, when it comes to style. Apart from that, the Men’s Health also points out the vice within the vice (Viceception): Gambling on the golf course. Yes, we hear you, it can be very expensive. That is why you should actively save money by buying Vice DRIVE balls.

Question now is: Will you even lose that match when you play Vice Golf? We think not.

Check out the Men’s Health here.


Vice Golf expands its direct-to-consumer offerings with waterproof golf bag

The 100% waterproof design in combination with the extremely attractive price tag continues to impress our customers and the media alike. That is, when our friends from the Golf Digest interviewed Vice Golf’s founders Ingo Düllmann and Rainer Stöckl about the Vice FORCE bag.

“The Vice Golf Force features a carbonfiber frame and a six-way top with full length dividers. It is designed with a nylon material resistant to water and UV light, and it uses YKK Aquaseal zippers on its five pockets. It weighs approximately five pounds.”

Co-Founder Ingo Duellmann about the mix of function, quality and price: "Our bag is 100 percent waterproof—not only one little part of the bag, but the whole bag," he said. "At the end, the same bag sold in retail would cost around 0-460 so I guess that our price of 0 is still a great one."

Check out the product page for our Vice FORCE bag and while you’re at it, why not get some matching CACHE BACKPACK as well?

Read the full article from Golf Digest here



MYGOLFSPY once again put us and our products to the test; this time, our highly popular Vice PURE glove. The gloves had to have “100% Tour grade leather, tailored type fit and top-shelf comfort. The premium golf gloves generally is what you would expect to see the pros playing on Sunday's.”

Indeed, the Vice PURE fulfills all the requirements. It feels great, looks awesome and enables the best performance in grip and stability.

The test criteria measured the attributes fit, comfort, feel and grip. We are happy and proud to see that our Vice PURE is among the best premium gloves and even won the editor’s choice award. Some of the points the team of MYGOLFSPY liked were that the Vice PURE is “fashionable without being overly flashy”, it is a “well-designed and great fitting glove”.

Try the Vice PURE on now to make your own impression of how great it feels.

For the full test click here.



This one is pretty elaborate. The American MYGOLFSPY put us to the test and in competition against some of the biggest names in the golf bags market. 32 working hours of research were necessary to test all competing stand bags in disciplines like storage capacity, style, weight, walkability, amount of dividers used and more. The good news is: we made a pretty good impression, considering that it is our debut on the golf bags market. MYGOLFSPY awarded the Vice FORCE bag with the second place. They especially liked our design and the “Best in Class” dividers.

Check out the product page for our Vice FORCE bag and while you’re at it, why not get some matching CACHE backpack as well?

For the full test click here.


VICE INTRODUCES HIGH QUALITY FORCE BAG honored us with their review of our brand-new FORCE golf bag. Not only do we go hand in hand with the impression of the Vice FORCE being the perfect mix of style and functionality, the price tag is also incredibly reasonable, while still comparing it to the best-in-class models. points out the Vice FORCE bags intrinsic features, which are: 100% waterproof design with YKK™ AQUASEAL® zips, while still being ultra-light (5lbs). However, the magazine also recognizes the extrinsic features. The bag is available in two different models, FORCE BLACK and FORCE NEONGREY to serve “both funky and classic tastes”.

Nonetheless, “matching styles” is the buzzword here: emphasizes – and we could not agree more – that with the matching CACHE BLACK and CACHE NEONGREY you are able to “change your clothes after a round of Golf in a stylish manner”… you can also wear it on other occasions than golf, though.

Visit our product page for the full feature list or read the full article.


National Club Golfer

The National Club Golfer reviews our series of golf balls, including the Vice DRIVE, Vice TOUR, Vice PRO and Vice PRO PLUS. Thanks from the Vice team for sharing the same conclusion as we do.

With Vice Golf, everything is premium but the price.

The article also reflects on the tough market barriers, associated with the golf industry: “There aren’t many ball manufacturers out there who aren’t part of bigger hardware companies so it’s a difficult nut to crack for people entering the market.” … or as we would put it: “you gotta have balls to enter this market.”

Big shout-out to our friends in the UK at NGC.
But now it’s time for you out there to get your hands on our balls*

*no…not like that


Golf Hacker VICE Pure Review

Vice Golfs' expectations towards their products is clear: Offering highest quality at the fraction of the price of established brands. Golf Hacker has reviewed the Vice PURE glove and not only fancies the novel idea of a zip bag packaging to keep the glove dry and secure but also highlights its lamb leather which offers a softness that "made me feel as if I could easily forget I was wearing a glove at all." Furthermore, Golf Hacker stresses on the exceptional good grip, allowing more accurate shots without the club twisting on the downswing.

We're sure that you agree once you've tried them – the Vice PURE is your new Go-To glove!

You can read the article online or download a PDF copy.



For the past few months, since VICE Golf started selling balls in the U.S., we’ve been bragging about the quality of our products and the low prices consumers pay by buying them exclusively on the Internet.

Now we’re happy to report that Golf Digest agrees. Our Pro and Pro Plus balls were just awarded a Gold Medal on Golf Digest’s annual Hot List, making VICE the only small company to win the magazine’s highest award.

You can’t imagine how this makes us feel. Like we want to run out to the beer garden and get plastered. (Wait, we did that last week when we found out we’d won!) Anyhow, we are thrilled and humbled, and want to brag about our big win to anyone who will listen. Maybe we’ll just let Golf Digest do the bragging for us!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us — and with our friends at Golf Digest — that VICE balls are the new Gold Standard!

At VICE, we’ve struck gold, and we couldn’t be happier.

Get the whole Hot List article here. – VICE Golf Balls – The Price is Right

From the creators of the world-renowned magazine - Sports Illustrated, tells the VICE story. With seven balls to choose from, striking designs and additional cost savings on larger orders, unless your passion for golf is fleeting, you’ll enjoy using these balls until its time to order some more!

Get the whole here!



The daily magazine for men that covers the very best in gear recently discovered our VICE PRO PLUS ball.

Thanks for sharing love! Click here for the entire post.


Finger Lakes Golfer Podcast

Podcast hosts Jim Sinicropi and Bob LaPrade gave the VICE balls a go on a Sunday morning and by nightfall, they had ordered personalized versions all for themselves! They report booming drives, spin around the greens, durability as well as performance that can match even the most reputed of brands. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jim was +14 for 14 with a competitor’s product and pared the last 4 with a VICE Pro...



When you’re playing with a brand new, ball, water hazards get bigger and tree-lined fairways get tighter. Playing a VICE golf balls let you forget the hazards even exist. Golf Digest’s Sunday Morning Group have certainly enjoyed the freedom of playing a VICE ball – some of the members have already ordered more! They’re even talking about putting a VICE logo on their Famous Smoke Shop hats...

Check out the full article here.



Golf WRX - many golfer’s chosen source for everything golf - tells the VICE story of a young company making waves within the US golf ball business from across the pond in Germany. With a ‘direct to customer’ business structure that keeps cost to a minimum and a commitment to quality, VICE are able to price their balls 40-50% below the big brands without sacrificing performance. With four models, multiple color varieties and unlimited customization possibilities, there truly is a ball for everyone. As an alternative to the regular brands, VICE is offering something fresh and desirable – golfers are starting to take notice.

Check out the detailed article here.


VICE Golf gives you plenty of reasons to try something new!

Plugged-in Golf like VICE’s unique sense of fun – they even think we have a bit of swagger… With a “tour performance for less” approach, they feel VICE has more style, more options and even more savings than any other brand in the market. With additional discount on larger orders and unlimited customization possibilities, Plugged-in Golf think VICE offers plenty of reasons for trying something new.

Check out the full review here.


There's a new premium ball on the market!

Having tested the line up of balls, American Golfer sounds impressed. Whether your playing a classic White, a stand out Neon or a hot Flamingo, you’re sure to get noticed firing at pins. Become a trendsetter with a VICE cap and keep an eye out for the Major Championship limited editions – they sell out fast. American Golfer even recommends ditching boring gifts in favor of personalized VICE balls. Who wants flowers or candy when they can have top quality golf balls that will make them smile every time they tee it up?

To read more, click here and here.



The famous equipment editor, Mike Stachura of Golf Digest - the world´s leading golf magazine - praises VICE Golf for making its name in the Golf industry without the marketing budget of major companies.

VICE cut out the middlemen and sell premium golf balls directly to the customer for as little as per dozen. Furthermore, the limited edition hats with unique designs such as the course layout of Ryder Cup venue, Gleneagles, help distinguish VICE as a trendsetter.

Check out the full article here.



James A. Frank, huge fan of VICE Golf and editor of Links Golf Magazine, describes VICE balls to be as good as any others available on the market - but a lot cheaper! This attractive offer becomes even more attractive when balls are ordered in larger quantities; the more balls you order, the cheaper they get.

Limited hat editions are offered regularly and are sold out almost as quickly as they are announced. Frank is enthusiastic about VICE's website.



Our friends from Sports Illustrated Golf Plus love VICE headgear, describing them as one of their “favorite things”. They love the way the Crew Caps combine the modern style as worn by Rickie Fowler with the traditional style as worn by Rory McIlroy.

The unique VICE hats are customizable “from shot-to-shot” and can be worn as a flat brim or in a curved peak style. The top quality pure cotton used in production allows hand washing.

More info here.


Cooler Than a ProV1(and lower priced)

IGR believe the golf ball industry can be condensed down in to three categories: performance, image and price. Although some brands have tried hard to enter the market by beating price alone, VICE battle even the top manufacturers on all three fronts; high performance balls at a low price point with a great sense of style! Golfers have long sought after a ball that plays like the best of them but doesn’t hurt their wallets – VICE have answered their calls.

IGR even conducted some launch-monitor testing to compare VICE against one of the biggest names in the industry: the results speak for themselves – take a look here.



America’s most famous gadget guru, Rick Limpert, presents VICE Golf balls on CBS among some of the best value-for-money gifts in Golf. Limpert is enthusiastic about the multiple options of personalization VICE offer as well as the outrageous quality of the balls.

Don’t forget to turn on your TV for the next Rick Limpert show on CBS, it’s worth a watch!



Personalized VICE Golf balls are an ideal Christmas present but why should you have to wait for St. Nick to visit!

Selling first-class golf balls at a fraction of the price of the other Big Boys, VICE will personalize their balls to fulfill all kinds of customer desires, whether they’re looking for a logo, text or even a photo. The website is not only of high quality design, but also especially user-friendly, making orders very self-explanatory.



Golf Today is certain that the pricing and performance of VICE balls are hard to beat. Players of all levels will find a VICE ball that meets their desires. On top of that, the “packaging is out of this world” - a compliment that VICE founders Duellmann and Stoeckl have heard several times before.

Give ´em a go, Golf Today says!



‘Good morning world!’ Radio legend, Michael Patrick Shiels, praises VICE Golf on his ‘Big Show’ as the stuff that gets you back out onto the golf course. The advantage of personalizing your golf balls at quantities as low as 12 balls set VICE Golf apart from established and expensive golf brands.

The degree of customization is almost infinite and customers can have logos, texts or photos printed on their golf balls. On top of that, the stylish packaging makes VICE balls an ideal Christmas gift!

Read more here.



NBC loves the all the customization choices that VICE offer:

Tell them what you want on the ball and they will stamp it for you!”

VICE golf balls are even mentioned in the same sentence as golf legend Jack Nicklaus! – Now they would certainly make a great duo on the golf course.

Check out the whole footage here.



Our guy Chris Duthie from Avid Golfer is sure VICE Golf is the real deal! He praises the quality and variety of the VICE ball models, which he says, add feel and responsiveness on one hand and optimized durability on the other. All VICE models outperformed during the “handicap-10-test” across all categories, making VICE a real competitor to the big brands.

VICE helps to improve your mental game because you no longer need to worry losing your expensive ball on the water protected par 3.



Read more at – Review.



Two guys from good old Germany roughen up the British golf market.”

The renowned British “National Club Golfer” magazine covers VICE in their April 2014 issue.

The two-page fully illustrated article explains the unique business and distribution concept, goes through the individual ball types, and includes quotes from well-known golfers such as teaching pro Greg Cullem:

I’ve never played a premium golf ball before that convinced me that much in terms of performance and style as the VICE PRO. I fell in love with your special edition, the VICE PRO SHOOTER!

We really appreciate that and hope you will enjoy reading the whole article in their print issue or online.









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